Delicious Eats at Envision Festival, Costa Rica

A few days ago, I wrote over on
Vibrant Wellness Journal
about my OMG excitement
about heading to the Envision Festival in Costa Rica in a few

envision festival
Pretty sure we’re going to get our fill of coconuts!

As I wrote in that article, I’m not really a ‘festival’ person,
and a huge part of that is because I really am pretty dedicated
to maintaining a healthy diet based on leafy green things and
fresh foods. When camping in the desert (lookin’ at you,
Burning Man), or sleeping in a tent in the summertime forest,
fresh food is not always abundant. I’ve done really well while

, but festivals seem like too much worry around
food. If I don’t have good food I become a little, um, hangry.
This is NO FUN for anyone, as my sweetie can confirm.

However, Envision
promises to be a significantly different festival experience,
especially when it comes to food. The festival founded by an
ethnobotanist-turned-permaculture expert and held within a food
forest, the food available promises to be pretty dang awesome.
Fresh tropical fruits abound in Costa Rica, obviously, but the
Village promises so much more:

Envision Festival

“Envision’s dedication to nourishing our community and
respecting our environment are pillars of our culinary
philosophy. A variety of vendors offer diverse world cuisines,
local specialties, and healthy innovations. Find everything
from fresh juice to Indian to sushi in the heart of the

“We are proud to be a Reusables Only event! When you visit
our vendors you’ll pay a one time fee to rent dishware for the
weekend. Return your dishes to the Dish Center after your meal
and receive a token to use for your dishes next time. Your
contribution and cooperation help us minimize waste and
conserve water! We will also have a dishwashing area available
for those who prepare their own food.”

Envision Festival
happy meals.

The Village is also home to a Healing Sanctuary, offering plant
medicine in various forms. Herbal first aid and an herbal
elixir bar will allow attendees to focus on the healing powers
of plants all weekend long.

We’ll keep you updated on the festival happenings via my
Instagram, @VibrantWellness

Find them on Facebook,
and on the web. There is still time
left to grab tickets

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