9 Delicious Ways to Cook Broccoli

Spring is almost here (or, if you live in Atlanta,
it feels like it’s here already), and that means broccoli
season! Try some of these delicious ways to cook broccoli, my
favorite vegetable of all time.

Spring is almost here, and that means broccoli season! Try some of these delicious ways to cook broccoli, my favorite vegetable of all time.

Guys, I love broccoli. LOVE. IT. I love the underrated,
slightly-sweet stems. I love how the tops of the florets are
basically flavor sponges for holding onto sauces. I love when I
luck into a stalk with tender broccoli greens, which taste like
a milder version of kale. Below are some of my favorite
ways to cook broccoli, to maximize its deliciousness.

Delicious Ways to Cook Broccoli

Broccoli with Stems

1. Don’t toss the stems! Broccoli stems
are so good, you guys! The cook up in the same time
it takes to cook up the florets. Just use your knife to slice
away the tough, outer skin, then dice and cook the stalk along
with the florets.

2. Use those leaves! Like I mentioned
above, broccoli leaves are super delicious. My old CSA would
occasionally deliver bundles of broccoli leaves, but you can
also find them still attached to broccoli stalks at the store.
They’re perfectly edible. If you have enough, try them in place
of kale in your favorite kale recipe. If you only have
a few, just throw them into the pan with the florets and the
prepared stalks (see #1).

3. Pan fry it. This is hands-down my favorite
way to cook broccoli. Heat a little bit of oil on medium-high,
and throw in the broccoli. Cook, stirring, until they turn
bright green and tender, adding a little bit of liquid if
the pan gets dry. How long you cook depends on how big your
florets are and how well done you like it. I like to cook until
they’re a little bit browned. YUM.

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4. Braise it. Wait, no. THIS is my favorite
way to cook broccoli. Braised broccoli is easy and so
delicious! In a frying pan with a lid, heat your oil on
medium-high, then add the broccoli. Cook for a few minutes,
until it turns bright green, then add a sprinkle of garlic
powder, a tablespoon or two of soy sauce, and a few
tablespoons of water. Cover the pan and cook for 5-8 more
minutes, until tender. Oh my goodness, y’all.

5. Pressure cook it. Broccoli steams up
in 1-2 minutes in the pressure cooker, depending on the size of
your florets. Add 1/2 cup water to the cooker, drop a
steamer basket in, and fill with broccoli. Bring to high
pressure for 1-2 minutes, then do a quick release. Easy peasy!

6. Steam it on the stove. If you don’t have a
pressure cooker, you can steam your broccoli on the
stovetop. Add 1/2 cup water to a small saucepan, drop a
steamer basket in, and fill with broccoli. Steam for 4-5

Roasted Broccoli

7. Roast it. Roasting broccoli yields a
crunch-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside bowl of
deliciousness. Try this recipe for
Roasted Broccoli with Pine Nuts

8. Turn it into soup. Whole broccoli cooks up
quickly in soups, so throw it in during the last 5-8 minutes of
cooking. Or, try this recipe for
Bistro Broccoli Soup

Broccoli Slaw

9. Make slaw. Shredded broccoli is a delicious
base for or addition to any slaw recipe. You can add it to your
own favorite slaw, or
try Andrea’s amazing Broccoli Slaw recipe

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