Elmhurst Dairy Switches to Plant-Based Milk after 90 Years of Dairy

Elmhurst Dairy in Queens, New York is changing their business
model pretty drastically for the good of people, planet, and

. Elmhurst Dairy milked plants use a new technique
to create vegan milk without the need for thickeners or

Elmhurst Dairy milked plants use a new technique to create vegan milk without the need for thickeners or stabilizers.

After nearly 100 years in operation, Elmhurst Dairy
closed their last dairy processing plant in October 2016,
citing decreasing consumer demand as the reason for
closure. But the company has a bright future: they have
rebranded as Elmhurst, and have swapped out their dairy milk
for plant-based milks like hazelnut, almond, walnut, and

Elmhurst Dairy is closing, but opening with a new mission.
Image from
New York Daily News

The dairy, which was also
the last remaining milk processing plant
in the five New
York boroughs, delivered most of their milk to 1,400 public
schools around the city, and they sold milk to over 8,000
stores. On their website they
write that Elmhurst grew to be one of the largest dairy
manufacturers on the East Coast, and it remains family-owned by
Henry Schwartz.

And lucky for us, Schwartz sees a different future for the
former dairy.

Henry Schwartz sees a future of plant milks.

Their website states, “Excited by the potential of the
nutritional value of ‘Milked Plants’ vs. the existing thickened
water with added plants for flavor, Henry Schwartz convinced
plant-based food expert Dr. Cheryl Mitchell to bring her
methods for making non-dairy Milked Plants to Western New

Elmhurst is bring the packaging and distribution expertise, and
Dr. Mitchell is bringing the power of milked plants.
They’re hoping to ship their products “throughout the East and

Their processing
involves ‘cold milling’: crushing the nuts in a way that
preserves the fats, fiber, and other nutrients in the milks and
eliminates the need for fillers and binders like
, which is a common additive in plant milks
for texture and stability. This makes for a more ‘whole food’
product that they say is wonderfully delicious! You can order
their aseptic packages online now of almond, walnut, hazelnut,
and cashew, or get a four-pack to try them all yourself!

Learn more about Elmhurst and follow the company as it grows on
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