Food Waste Facts (and a hilarious food waste music video!)

Food waste is no laughing matter, and it’s a big deal for our
planet. Food waste is a very serious topic, but
a funny music video makes it a little easy to spread the
message about food waste.

Before we get to the food waste music video, though, let’s take
a look at the state of food waste worldwide.

How Food Waste Happens

Excess food in the landfill is one of the
biggest contributors
 to climate change, and it makes
up the
largest portion
of our waste stream, beating plastic,
paper, and all other types of rubbish.

We throw food away because it’s not big enough, not small
enough, not red/green/yellow/purple enough, not perfectly
round, not perfectly straight. There are zillions of parameters
set for farmers and stores to ensure we see only the reddest,
roundest red apples (nevermind being totally tasteless) and the
longest, straightest carrots (never mind that the shorter ones
might be sweeter).

Food waste is a very serious topic, but this funny food waste music video makes it a little easier to spread the message about food waste.

What We are Doing About Food Waste

And this food waste is expensive: the UN Food and Agriculture
Organization estimates food waste loss at more
than $900 billion
  globally. But, collectively, the
world is becoming more conscious of the systemic issues food
waste, and how this affects farmers, shoppers, eaters, and
impacts our overall footprint on the planet.

Companies like Imperfect Produce is working to gather ‘ugly’
produce from farmers across California, and soon, the whole
United States. Countries all over the world are making strides
to reduce food waste:

United States: Congresswoman Chellie
Pingree is the original cosponsor of a bipartisan bill, The
Food Donation Act of 2017 (HR 4184, the Food Recovery Act),
that will help “modernize food donation protections, and plans
to reintroduce two food waste bills in the coming weeks. She’s
also working on the Food Date Labeling Act, which will help
reduce food waste at home by removing confusing (and often
inconsistent) expiry dates for food.

France: Last year France passed a law to make
it illegal for supermarkets to throw away food. The law was
passed unanimously by the French senate, and instead of
throwing out the food, it will be donated to food banks or
other charities. The Guardian claims that, “charities will be
able to give out millions more free meals each year to people
struggling to afford to eat.”

Italy: Last year we wrote about Italy’s
progressive law
that gives stores tax breaks for reducing
their food waste, hoping to cut
1 million tons
of food waste each year.

Denmark: In early 2016, Denmark built a
food waste grocery store
to bring underutilized foods to
lower-income Danes.

And this is all great news. But you know what, all this
information about food waste can sometimes be a little heavy,
and I’m always in favor of bringing a little levity to serious

Food Waste Music Video

Enter this guy! You’ve probably heard this song by Ed Sheeran
(either on the dance floor or in the car). I find the original
pretty fun and danceable, but this food waste music video
parody made me laugh out loud. I just found it yesterday, and
it looks like it was just posted by Global Citizen on March
20. But humor is timeless, and anything that helps bring more
awareness to this serious subject is a WIN in my book.

The feminist in me is recoiling at the stalker vibes in the
video, but I do like the words and the message. Watch, giggle,
learn, and SHARE!

Food waste image from sustainablog; dumpster image from


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