12 Delicious Vegan Pasta Sauces without Tomatoes

Whether you’re allergic to tomatoes, don’t like the flavor of
tomatoes, or want to reduce your intake of nightshades (the
botanical family that includes eggplant, peppers, and white
potatoes), this list of 12 vegan pasta sauces without
tomatoes is for you!

I love tomatoes: they are loaded with
 (even if they are not red!), they are full of

like vitamin C, and have a host of other
vitamins and minerals. But sometimes it’s FUN to mix it up, and
as I was making pasta the other night I thought about all the
ways I enjoy noodles that do not include traditional pasta
sauce or tomato sauce.

12 Vegan Pasta Sauces without Tomatoes

Romesco Sauce
Romesco Sauce

1. Romesco Sauce (Roasted Red Pepper Sauce)

Last week I shared my new favorite recipe for
Romesco Sauce
over on Vibrant Wellness Journal. Romesco
sauce is Spanish in origin, and uses just a few simple
ingredients for a richly flavored sauce. Roast some red peppers
and garlic, toast some almonds, blend it all up, and add to
noodles or serve as a veggie dip. This tomato-free pasta sauce
recipe was new to me, and I loved it so much I included in my

2. Chimichurri Sauce

Bright green, vibrant flavor, and the healing power of healthy
parsley – what’s not to love about
chimichurri sauce
? Usually this South American sauce is
used for a topping or a dip, but why not sprinkle a bit onto
your pasta salad or noodles?

TEMPEH Stroganoff-016-1024x768
Tempeh Stroganoff

3. Tempeh Stroganoff

This is perhaps the most involved recipe on the list, but the
results are totally worth it. My mom used to make stroganoff
when I was a kid and I always thought it was so gross. But with
fresh ingredients (fresh mushrooms and onions) and vegan
protein (grilled tempeh), this Tempeh
 becomes a delicious, very classy meal.

tahini miso sauce
Tahini Miso Sauce… from before I learned to properly use my
camera 😉

4. Tahini Miso

No doubt that tahini
 is my most favorite sauce EVER. I love it on
noodles, grains, salads, or as a veggie dip. I keep it super
simple with just tahini, miso, and lemon blended with water
until it’s smooth and creamy, but you can add all sorts of
flavors to make it extra awesome. Try ginger, garlic, turmeric,
cilantro, curry, and more!

kale pesto sauce
Kale pesto with sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast, basil and

5. Kale Pesto

An extra green take on a pretty traditional pasta
sauce, Kale
 is made easily by blending kale with the basil.
I like this recipe because it sneaks in some extra vitamins and
minerals, but it also can help keep the cost down, since I find
that basil is much more expensive than kale.

sweet and sour sauce
Sweet & Sour Sauce with tempeh and bok choi

6. Sweet & Sour Sauce

This yummy sauce is just as easy as ordering Chinese takeout,
but decidedly more delicious. Using just a few ingredients like
soy sauce (or Bragg’s), fresh orange juice, vinegar, and sugar,
this Sweet & Sour
 makes for quick and very flavorful noodle

Ok, yes, this is a picture of tacos and not pasta, but the
SAUCE is the important part here!

7. Cilantro Avocado Sauce

True story, I didn’t really understand why people were so
excited about avocados until I moved to California and tried
some fresh, organic California avocados. Then I GOT it, and I
was hooked. This simple Cilantro
Avocado Sauce
 is like guacamole, but thinned out it
makes an awesome sauce for noodles or other dishes.

The focus here is the creamy, dreamy almond butter sauce,
perfect for udon noodles and more!

8. Almond Butter Sauce

Along with my Tahini Miso sauce, Almond
Butter Sauce
is another easy staple for quick noodle
dishes. This can also be made with peanut butter, or whatever
you have on hand, and of course you can play with the
spiciness. You can see another easy version of this sauce from
our Editor Becky in a fun Peanut Butter Sauce video!

9. Creamy Kale Pasta Sauce

I’ve been known to put kale onto and into everything, so
this Creamy
Kale Pasta Sauce
is just what I need. It’s a lovely green
color, and the beans and cashews make the sauce creamy and
decadent, while still being a good way to hide veggies from a
picky toddler (or adult!)

Carrot Cashew Sauce
Carrot Cashew Sauce!

10. Cheesy Cashew Carrot Sauce

Every vegan or vegetarian needs a ‘cheesy’ sauce in their back
pocket for those sudden mac & cheese cravings, and this

Cheesy Cashew Carrot Sauce
 might be your new go-to
sauce. The secret, Becky says, is using cashew butter instead
of raw, soaked cashews for a truly creamy sauce. Carrots for
color, nooch for flavor, and some vegan bacon and peas too!

Coconut Curry Sauce
Coconut Curry Sauce

11. Coconut Curry Sauce

Second only to my love for vegan cheesy sauce is my love of
curry sauce over noodles. This Coconut
Curry Sauce
 from Becky has it all: it’s super easy
(made in the blender in five minutes!), made from pantry
staples (coconut milk and pre-made curry paste), and works on
all the foods! Toss this over some udon or fettuccine noodles
and veggies and dinner is done.

Butternut Squash sauce for mac & peas

12. Butternut Squash Sauce

Super healthy butternut squash and creamy cashews form the base
of this yummy Butternut
Squash Sauce
. Here it’s mixed with peas for a classic Mac &
Peas for a delightful and beautiful twist on traditional mac
and cheese recipes.

Whether you're allergic to tomatoes, don't like them, or want to reduce your intake of nightshades, these vegan pasta sauces without tomatoes are for you!

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