How to Prevent Heart Disease with Diet

Heart disease kills 17 million people every year.
Here’s how to prevent heart disease with diet, according
to Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a pretty cool guy: not only is he
a neurosurgeon that serves as associate chief of the
neurosurgery service at Grady Memorial Hospital and as
assistant professor at the Emory University School of
Medicine, he’s also an award-winning doctor that has
become a respected (and Emmy-winning) media personality.

According to Wikipedia, “he
is best known as CNN’s […] chief medical correspondent, hosting
the network’s weekend health program Sanjay
Gupta, M.D.
, and making frequent appearances on their
American Morning, Larry King Live and Anderson
Cooper 360°
programs.” Turns out he’s actually from my
hometown too, which means he’s extra awesome.

Heart disease kills 17 million people every year. Here's how to prevent heart disease with diet, according to Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

But seriously, unlike the other celebrity ‘doctor‘
on TV that shills for pseudo-science supplements, Dr. Gupta is
the real deal. His medical reports are legit and
well-respected. I think his strength is that he can bring
important health concepts from the medical and health circles,
and share them with a broader audience that is (hopefully)
receptive to his level-headed approach to wellness.
Dr. Michael Greger
is the other doctor that I feel is doing
this good work, but he’s not as well-known outside of the vegan
and vegetarian community.

The other thing I really like about Dr. Gupta is that is
usually tells it like it is. Case in point: his video ‘The Last
Heart Attack.’ Much like diabetes, which also kills millions of
Americans each year, heart disease (and heart attacks) are
preventable and treatable with a plant-based diet. This message
is often seen as ‘extreme’ or simple dismissed as untrue. But
that’s often because medical doctors are truly under-trained
(or untrained entirely) in nutrition, and the pharmaceutical
industry has done a really good job of telling us that only
pills will solve our most pressing health issues.

Can we cure or prevent heart disease with

In this video, Dr. Gupta looks at the causes of heart attacks
and goes on a mission to make himself ‘heart-attack’ proof,
despite a known family history of the disease. In the video he
Bill Clinton
– famous for his heart disease reversal and
weight loss while on a vegan diet– as well as renowned medical
doctor and health expert Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. The
13-minute video also features Dr. Dean Ornish, who says that
heart disease could be as rare in the future as malaria is

Watch the video below, and check out the resources I wrote
below the film to read more about how plant-based foods can
help heal your whole body.

More Ways a Vegan Diet Can Heal your Whole Body

+ A Plant-Based diet for Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in America, with
some stats showing that 1 in 3 Americans have or will have Type
2 diabetes in their lifetime because of dietary and lifestyle
choices. But, the good news is that rather than going on
expensive medicine, taking insulin everyday, and suffering the

negative consequences
like numbness, lack of erectile
function, and amputated limbs, a healthy plant-based diet can
help decrease this risk significantly. Reducing this risk
is super important for those with
pre-diabetes too, which can lead to full diabetes
about 30% of patients that don’t adapt their diet.

+ Boost Bone Health with Plants (NOT dairy)

Despite all those ‘Got Milk?’ advertising campaigns (paid for
the dairy industry
, in case you didn’t know), milk and
cheese are not essential to bone health. In fact, higher
dairy consumption
is correlated with worse bone  with
highest dairy intake often have the highest rates of bone
issues. Lucky for us you can get all the calcium you need from
vegetables, notably leafy greens and seaweeds. Read more here
about why
vegetable-based calcium
is more helpful to our bodies.

+ Reduce Inflammation and Improve Pain with Less Animal

athletes are turning to plant-based diets
to improve their
recovery time and performance. Rich Roll, who became a
vegan in his 40s and went on to become one of the top-ranking
competitors in the prestigious Ultraman endurance race.

David Carter
, known at the 300-Pound Vegan, credits his
plant-based diet with helping him run farther, faster and
lifting heavier weights than ever, all without the pain that
was a constant when he was consuming high amounts of dairy.

So even if you’re not suffering from heart disease, diabetes,
or chronic pain, adding more plants into your life can make
more likely to feel better in the short- and long-term, and
that’s something we can all look forward to.

Heart disease kills 17 million people every year. Here's how to prevent it, according to Dr. Sanjay Gupta.


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